Brand new Honda Civic came in for our Nano Graphene Coating Package!


You know you're getting quality and assurance when its coated with @artdeshine Nano Graphene Coating! The only coating boasting a "Wetter" Look, Sleek to touch and one of the Best water repellency!

Looking to have your vehicle staying shiny and have that "wet" look...


Try our Nano Graphene Coating package!

Comes with Rim Coating, Window Coating, Interior grooming and 2 time FREE maintenance from just $688 !!!

A sneak peek into one of our detail last week!


#DetailedWithPassion #Godzilla #GTR #Skyline #r35gtr #r35pect

Some say we are plastic surgeons for cars...


What our coating packages does is to refresh your paint, taking a 5 year old looking car and making it look back when its 1 year old.

Expanding our services to include car cameras from @70maisingapore !


We will be carrying the A800s(4k Camera) and A500(2.7k Camera) in our product line up!




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